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3F – The Arrival

3F Oil Palm Agrotech Private Limited is a venture of the 3F Group. Doyens in the palm oil industry, 3F Group commenced operations with extraction of oil from rice bran.
With the incorporation of 3F Oil Palm, the group is focused towards bringing a profitable growth and change of producing the world’s 2nd largest requirement, Oil primarily in India and other parts of the world.


* The group employs around 5000 people globally, with an annual turnover of 300 million USD.

* Palmoil Industry turnover worldwide – US$8 billion.

3F Oil Palm Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. has successfully setup a complete cycle of operations and has moved from the POC (Proof of concept) stage to RUS (Ramp Up Stage) in a short period of time. The company’s operations extend to six states in India with a cumulative land bank of 1, 44,000 hectares and are the only company amongst oil palm developers to refine/fractionate crude palm oil.
India as a country has great potential and resources to cultivate Oil and at 3F, the aim is to produce and extract oil which would not only benefit the growth of farmers, but would also play a strong role in creating a green India. Apart this focus at 3F is to cut down the imports on OIL for which India is the world’s third largest consumer.
No wonder then, the Indian Government recently made a statement in their budget speech to give more preference to produce Oil Palm in India.



Apart from having an efficient and dedicated management team, the specialists at 3F consists of a scientist as technical advisor and a fellow specialist heading the R&D department. The company’s full fledged laboratory takes care of any soil, water and leaf analysis. The lab helps in identifying the nutrient deficiency, pest problems and diseases immediately.
An exclusive maintenance team of the company maintains the garden and is placed independent of the extension setup.
Under the guidance of the R&D and Maintenance team, technical training and growing practices are given to the farmers.
An RFID(Radio-frequency identification) technology is exclusively introduced by the company to keep a perfect track of the produce. The produce obtained there by gives a clear data of the stock situation on a daily basis. A separate internal audit team also independently reports to the management.
An MIS team is in place that works 24/7 and keeps the authorities abreast with regular online information. PALM DELITE, ROYAL PALM and PALM PYARI are some of its products of 3F oil palm that are manufactured out of refined palm oil. Apart from bakery products like cocoa butter substitute that is used in making chocolates is also manufactured. The sales of the products are supported through a vast retail distribution network across the country. (A 7.5 MW power plant, based on Palm waste as fuel, was built and is in operation in A.P. India.)